Are you in love?

Not sure if it's love? Take this quiz to find out.

How often do you talk?

1. Everyday
2. Not much
3. Rarely

What do you think about him/her?

1. Hot damn
2. I want to grow old with him/her
3. Makes my heart race all the time

How do you handle conflict with them?

1. We haven't had any
2. We try to avoid conflict
3. We confront issues directly and calmly

How do you feel about him/her?

1. I can't live without them
2. They make me smile all the time
3. Lots of butterflies

How do you feel about a future with him/her?

1. Excited, happy, peaceful
2. Happy but still unsure
3. We haven't talked about it

If they left you for someone else, how would you feel?

1. Betrayed and bitter
2. I just want them to find happiness
3. I still want to be friends

How comfortable are you around him/her?

1. We've shown each other everything
2. Not very comfortable yet
3. A little too comfortable...

Why do you like this person?

1. We have the best sex ever
2. He/she makes me smile all the time
3. He/she is an ideal partner

All 8 questions completed!

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Are you in love?

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