Do you have high emotional intelligence?

Do you understand yourself and others on an emotional level?

What is this person feeling?

1. Scared
2. Disgusted
3. Angry

What is this person feeling?

1. Triumphant and overjoyed
2. Tired and upset
3. Happy and surprised

Do you think you need to improve as a person?

1. Sometimes
2. Yes
3. No

When you get angry with someone, what do you do first?

1. Lash out at them
2. Argue it out
3. Gather thoughts before speaking

If someone asks you a tough question, how would you respond?

1. Pause to think carefully before answering
2. Answer them honestly almost immediately
3. Tell them that they shouldn't have asked it

What would you say to this person?

1. Get off the road!
2. Are you okay?
3. What are you doing?

Do your friends often go to you for advice?

1. Quite often
2. Sometimes
3. Not really

When a friend is talking, what goes through your mind?

1. How they look that day
2. Whether they are doing okay mentally
3. What I should say next

All 8 questions completed!

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Do you have high emotional intelligence?

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