Is he really into you?

Guys can send mixed signals sometimes. Find out if he's romantically interested in you (or not) with this quiz!

How often do you text/talk to each other?

1. Everyday
2. Not that much
3. A few times a week

Does he ask you about your day?

1. Almost everyday
2. Not really
3. Sometimes

What kind of conversations do you have?

1. We confide in each other about deeper topics
2. It's usually surface level stuff
3. The most random topics

Does he ask you out?

1. Quite often
2. If I don't ask, we wouldn't hang out
3. Occasionally

Who initiates the conversation?

1. Me, most of the time
2. It's pretty equal
3. Usually him

All 5 questions completed!

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Is he really into you?

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