Once upon a time, even taking a sip of water would bring back painful memories of your ex.

Then one day, you woke up and realised you could barely remember their face, and the rest is history.

1. You don’t stalk them on social media anymore.

Remember how you kept checking up on them to see what they were up to? Well, that’s over. Thankfully, you have better things to do now.

2. When they appear on your feed, it doesn’t bother you at all.

It used to be really weird seeing new photos and videos of your ex on social media…especially if they were photos with their new date.

You might have blocked them at some point just to avoid seeing anything that reminded you of them. Now, you simply don’t give a sh*t.

3. You don’t ask mutual friends about them anymore.

You used to be curious about your ex’s personal life after the breakup. If they were dating someone new, you’d want to know, just because.

Now, the only time they come up in conversations is when you and your friends want to have a good laugh.

4. You don’t think about them when a sad song comes up like you used to.

Every sad song reminded you of him/her. Now, you’re able to appreciate the same sad songs without getting upset over the past.

5. You feel genuinely happy for them if they’re doing well in life.

If your relationship ended because it just wasn’t working out, and it was no single person’s fault, wishing only the best for him/her is a good sign that you’ve moved on.

You weren’t cut out for each other, and there are probably more compatible partners out there for the both of you. Live and let live.

6. You’re living your best life now.

You’ve accepted that breaking up was a necessary decision and that it was for the best.

You’ve also learnt to start prioritizing your own goals and dreams without letting anyone hold you back. Keep slaying it!