“This just feels right.”

Have you ever felt an undeniable magnetic pull towards someone else? Are sparks flying all over the place when you talk to each other?

Don’t worry, you aren’t going mad – you’re most likely experiencing intense chemistry with this person.

And no, it doesn’t just happen in Hollywood romantic comedies and Korean dramas.

Not sure about whether you have intense chemistry with that special someone?

Fasten your seat belts – it’s time to find out.

Chemistry: where do we begin?

Chemistry is the way in which two people relate with each other emotionally and psychologically.

When you share a special connection with someone, it’s pretty hard to ignore it even if you tried, and it raises all sorts of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms that can make you feel ecstatic yet confused at the same time.

According to associate professor of psychology and human development Kelly Campbell, chemistry is the result of our brain subconsciously assessing compatibility based on certain key traits like similarity and mutual interests.

There are different types of chemistry too, including:

  • Physical chemistry: being physically attracted to each other
  • Emotional chemistry: having a strong emotional connection where you just “click”
  • Intellectual chemistry: when both parties are mentally stimulated and can talk for hours on end

You may experience a combination of two or more types of chemistry, which explains why we feel a deeper connection with some people.

These 10 signs will help you to determine if there is something worth exploring!

1. Positive body language with each other.

Body language is one of the most primal and basic ways that humans use to communicate – and it hardly ever lies.

It’s completely subtle and subconscious, which makes it even better if you know what signs to look out for.

If both parties are constantly turning their bodies towards each other, showing signs of slight nervousness or subtly trying to have body contact, it’s pretty damn obvious.

You may find yourself touching your hair more often or getting flushed cheeks around this person.

Chemistry is when your body understands what you want before your brain does, so never ignore those non-verbal cues!

2. Intensely intense eye contact.

If you feel automatically drawn towards someone and you both somehow manage to catch each other’s gaze all the time, chances are that there’s some intense chemistry going on there.

At some point, it may even feel like you’re staring into each other’s souls.

It’s almost as if everything else seems to disappear when your eyes meet. And it’s not like you can help it – neither can they.

You could even be a naturally shy person, but still find yourself engaging in long periods of eye contact with this person. No problemo!

3. There’s tension involved, and not just sexually.

There’s this weird air of tension surrounding the two of you, and you don’t quite know how to deal with it or what to make of it.

It’s not a bad kind of tension, and it doesn’t always have to be sexual, but there’s often this inner struggle between your mind and your body (how you feel versus how you act), and it often manifests into playful banter and harmless teasing.

Despite the tension, there’s a strong sense of intimacy and affection for each other.

And the both of you just know it.

4. The conversation never ends.

There’s never a boring moment with each other.

From deep, long conversations to peaceful, comfortable silences, you are completely engaged and stimulated in every interaction — mentally, emotionally and physically (remember the body language?).

The conversations that you have make you want to be frank and honest with each other and share the fears and flaws that you would normally hide from others.

And it’s not just the real life conversations you have — you never grow tired of the incessant texting either.

Texting till 3am to come up with conspiracy theories about time travel? Best night ever.

5. Time really flies.

There’s no concept of time when you are with them and every minute spent together never feels wasted.

Even the most mundane activity can turn into an exciting roller coaster of a day when you’re together.

*Yeets in Spanish*

6. Someone should call the smile police.

You both can’t help it — there’s an unknown magical force that makes you smile all the time around each other.

There’s also tons of laughter — a sure sign that the both of you are connecting on a deeper level than just romantic attraction.

No matter how bad your day is, you can always count on them to cheer you up, and you’d want to do the same for them, too.

Don’t worry about getting face cramps from all that smiling. It’s a small price to pay for pure, unadulterated joy.

7. You notice the smallest things about each other.

Do you remember their deep hatred for pickles or how they like their coffee? Are they the first to point out your new haircut or outfit?

Nothing seems to get past you or them about what’s going on in each other’s lives.

You both remember the most random things about each other and are genuinely interested to learn more.

Weirdly enough, research shows that this even boils down to the way we smell.

Pheromones are odorless chemicals we emit that play a large role in attraction and infatuation, and could be one of the reasons why you share an intense chemistry with someone.

8. There’s a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Ever felt like you’ve known someone for a long time even though you’ve just met?

Everything just feels natural and effortless, and both of you have a mutual understanding for each other without having to say a word.

You may feel nervous before actually meeting them, but that all fades away the moment you see them.

In a way, you feel a sense of “home” when you are with them, and they bring out a part of you that you never even knew existed.

9. You mirror each other.

There’s tons of research backing up mimicry and mirroring when it comes to chemistry and attraction.

When someone starts to mirror your slightest movements or the way you talk, this indicates their interest in building a connection.

So if you find this person folding their arms when you fold yours, or you find yourself starting to sound a little like them, chances are that you’re into each other and share a strong chemistry.

Okay, but does having intense chemistry really matter?

At the end of the day, there’s a lot more that goes into any relationship other than having intense chemistry, including compatibility and loving yourself first.

But regardless of what happens next, experiencing intense chemistry with someone is both rare and extra special – so why not revel in this delightful, exhilarating joyride while you can?