Understanding the Leo mind & Leo love compatibility

Leos (Born July 23–August 22) are literally born ready for the spotlight.

Represented by the Lion, this sign leads with their heart and they are naturally confident individuals who love taking center stage.

Don’t mistake their confidence and optimism for arrogance, though—Leos are generous beings who enjoy giving back to the ones they love. 

Spoiling their partners with gifts and sweet gestures is a Leo thing, and they take great pride in their physical appearance and possessions.

Leos waste no time engaging in PDA to show off how great of a person you are to the world. Most of all, they are extremely loyal partners who always stick to their word, so if they say they love you, they mean it.

Best Romantic Matches with Leo

Leo and Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Leo and Gemini is that super cute couple that always seems to have fun whenever they are together.

Gemini’s personality magnifies the already playful and competitive side of Leo, while Leo will provide Gemini with all the warmth and freedom they need to thrive.

As charismatic as Leos are, Gemini’s witty and imaginative side immediately reels them in. Before long, both of them will be happily keeping up with an overly-packed schedule. 

Leo and Libra (September 23–October 22)

These two signs share a very similar outlook on life and will be absolutely smitten with each other’s personality. 

Leo is attracted to Libra’s refined style and how generous they are with dishing out compliments. Libra also takes good care of their appearance and being the center of attention, and will be happy sharing the spotlight with Leo. 

This couple will relish in showing each other off, and treat being together as one of life’s pleasures. Since Libras don’t like making decisions, Leo will be more than happy to take the lead.

Leo and Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Leo and Sagittarius are optimistic individuals who love to party hard and live life on the edge.

You both like to play with fire (being fire signs, duh) and this relationship is likely to develop at lightning speed. Communication is hardly an issue as both of you are honest and open partners. In other words, you just get each other.

There’s a lot more doing than talking, and Sagittarius’s wanderlust will expand Leo’s territories and thirst for adventure. 

Leo is likely to be ready for commitment much faster than Sagittarius, but don’t be offended—this sign is notorious for being slow to commit.

Good Romantic Matches with Leo

Leo and Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Leo and Aquarius may not have a whole lot in common, but there is definitely enough attraction to keep them together.

They both yearn to go on epic escapades, and Aquarius doesn’t mind letting Leo take the spotlight.

There will be a great deal of experimenting at first as Aquarius’s unpredictability keeps Leo on their toes, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (they secretly love it).

Communication might turn out to be a problem as this pair is likely to be on different wavelengths. The trick, however, is to find something that you both equally enjoy and want to pursue. 

Leo and Aries (March 21–April 19)

Being fire signs, Leo and Aries share complementary traits that will take them far. 

This is a hot and explosive match that is full of passion and a fair share of turbulent times as both of you are equally aggressive and domineering.

As long as both of you decide to work together, you will inspire and motivate each other to achieve your goals and keep the flames ablaze.

Leo and Leo (July 23–August 22)

A power couple that is full of creative energy (albeit a little short of discipline), there is no better partner to support your theatrical needs than another Leo.

Problems may start to arise when both parties want to be the alpha in the relationship; however, the affectionate and generous nature of Leo also means there’s always chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

There’s a lot of common ground to build a strong foundation, and these two will undoubtedly be each other’s biggest fans. 

Leo and Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Leo and Virgo is a wildcard match as they have contrasting personalities that can end up blossoming into a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Virgo’s overly critical nature is the exact opposite of what Leo wants, but both signs share a humanitarian streak and strong mental fortitude that can work out in their favor long-term.

Note: Leo will have to sacrifice several Friday nights for lazing around at home while Virgo will have to trade in some snuggle days for date nights in town.

Worst Romantic Matches with Leo

Leo and Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

A relationship that screams “it’s complicated”, Leo and Capricorn is a poor match that is often filled with misunderstandings and disagreements.

Leo prefers to attack life head-on while Capricorn prefers a well thought out blueprint of the path ahead. Not to mention, Capricorn is often too busy drowning themselves in work to provide the attention that Leo desires.

This is a relationship that requires some time to build, and while Capricorn can teach Leo to be more sensible and down-to-earth, it may be difficult for both of you to see much of a future together.

Leo and Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Pisces will be initially attracted to Leo’s self-assurance and zest for life, and Leo will naturally take charge; however, Leo would much rather have a partner who occasionally stands up and fights for what they want. 

Leo will find it hard to work through Pisces’s moodiness and may find them too “vulnerable” and needy. Pisces also can’t see eye-to-eye with Leo’s need for extravagance and luxury. 

Ultimately, this pair will have trouble finding activities that they both mutually enjoy, which may cause this Water and Fire couple to drift apart over time. 

Leo and Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Leo and Taurus is a relationship of two fixed signs, meaning that both parties are stubborn and persistent in their ways. 

Leo wants to be admired while Taurus likes to be appreciated, making it difficult for both of you to meet each other’s innate needs. 

Jealousy will be the biggest hurdle for this pair, and since both of you are known for bad tempers, arguments can quickly turn ugly. Nobody bosses the Bull around—not even the Lion—and vice versa. 

Leo and Cancer (June 21–July 22)

As much as Leo is confident, they crave a partner that is equally self-assured and independent to take on the world with them.

However, Cancer is known to be emotional and insecure, and requires constant assurance from their partner.

While Cancer will admire you for your optimism and ability to live life to the fullest with zero worries, both of you are as fundamentally different as night and day. 

Leos will have to put down their ego if they want to relate to Cancer and show up as their prince charming.

Leo and Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

This is a highly intense and energetic relationship with two exceptionally strong personalities.

Both Leo and Scorpio are dramatic in their own ways, which can lead to some volatile moments; but this can also be what pulls you two together.

Scorpio prefers to keep a low profile, which is the polar opposite of Leo, and both of you express love differently.

Scorpio is often reserved in expressing their love and isn’t big on over-the-top displays of affection—ultimately ending in disappointment for Leo. 

So…does horoscope compatibility really matter?

Every person is unique and there is no specific template on who you should be with and choose to love.

Learn to love with an open mind, and there’ll be a much higher chance of meeting the “right” person for you—even if they’re not a zodiac sign that you are compatible with!