Along with 2020, weddings are effectively cancelled. With no means to bring family and friends together physically, couples are turning to virtual weddings to tie the actual knot.

A popular medium of choice is Animal Crossing.

As Animal Crossing goes into its wedding season, players are taking a leaf off Cyrus and Reese and holding weddings of their own.

1. Metal Fear and Asher Bell

YouTuber Metalfear4’s stream friends learnt of his wedding’s postponement and went ahead to organise a virtual wedding for him and his wife. 

His friends prepared a full wardrobe for the groom to change and even “hired” a harpist to set the mood. They exchanged vows before family and friends who were tuning in to the live stream.

Did we mention that they had a rad after-party, complete with disco lights?

The couple in real life look really cute together too.

2. Terry and Kassie

YouTuber Gloom redecorated her island for her garden wedding and invited close friends (including one in a slutty outfit and one in drag) to attend. 

The groom was particularly nervous and poorly groomed (what’s up with the messy hair and dark eye circles?!).

The wedding ceremony ended with speeches and a pool party.

3. Iggy and… Zach???

Before you cheer for same-sex marriage, it’s not a real virtual wedding. Iggy and Zach (YouTuber SwitchForce) are not actually together. Zach’s playing the wife here.

But don’t get too disappointed, because their wedding setup is extensive and impressive. Plus, we have to admit the whole thing’s actually pretty darn hilarious.

Just two bashful looking stone statues.
A lavish setup for a virtual wedding indeed.

4. Tony and Christine

Christine’s wedding was a low profile yet fun-filled affair.

There were no guests invited, only the bride and groom celebrating their union.

Incidentally, they’ve also set the standard for what an Animal Crossing wedding video production should look like.

Christine picking out her beautiful wedding dress.
Tony looking dapper in his suspenders.

Because what’s more romantic than a beach wedding at sunset?

5. Varian and Rouyi

Finally, we have our favourite couple, Varian and Rouyi, who wedded on the sunny virtual island of Sentosa (an actual island in Singapore in real life).

Sentosa selected the lucky pair as part of a contest to pick a couple to wed on its virtual island. 

Boy were they pampered.

After watching all these Animal Crossing weddings, we feel a little less jaded about marriage and true love.

Congratulations to the happy couples!