1. The Amoeba

This couple has successfully morphed into one single entity. You literally can’t see one without seeing the other.

They spend every waking hour holding hands, and attend all social gatherings together. It’s also sad because they once had friends and decided to neglect everyone else once they became a couple.

2. The P.D.A.

We get that you can’t keep your hands off each other, but you don’t actually have to shove that into everyone else’s faces.

Holding hands and the occasional peck is fine, but please stop “secretly” groping each other’s asses on the escalator.

3. The Drama Club

They’ve broken up and gotten back together at least 5 times. It’s so toxic that everyone else doesn’t even bother to interfere because we know they’re secretly addicted to suffering.

Just leave us out of your next crazy fight, thanks.

4. The Infants

They talk to each other like 3-years-olds. A typical conversation may sound like this:

I’d rather be single, thanks.

5. The “Power Couple”

They’d like to think they’re the most amazing couple in the entire universe. All we can say is that birds of the same feather flock together.

6. The Mismatch

He was a sk8er boi and she was a rich spoiled brat.

We knew they were obviously wrong for each other from the start, but this didn’t stop them from trying anyway. We’re just waiting for the trainwreck to happen. *Holds popcorn*

7. The Picture-Perfect

These #soulmates post around 10 lovey dovey photos a day (accompanied by cheesy captions), but don’t be fooled – they often have the most problematic relationships.

If you hang out with one of them, chances are they’ll be ranting non-stop about the other party.