Sometimes, we fall for the wrong people at the wrong time. Don’t beat yourself up about having feelings, because that’s just being human.

Instead, use these practical tips to learn how to get over a crush.

1. Consciously friendzone them.

Establishing clear boundaries that you just want to be friends will send a signal to them that you’re confident on your own, and not desperate to find someone else to complete you.

Consciously treating your crush the same way you treat all your other friends will also help you to see them as equals rather than putting them on a pedestal.

For all you know, you may realise that you are incompatible after getting to know them as friends. And if you’re meant to end up together, it will happen eventually. The best relationships take time to grow.

2. Keep a distance.

The more you interact with this person (whether in real life or through text), the longer it will take for you to get over them. It’s just math.

If someone likes you, they will make it known for sure.

If they’re not constantly replying to your texts, stop making yourself so available. Don’t double/triple/quadruple text them “just to make sure” they got your message.

They did. They just chose not to reply.

If you’re constantly hovering over your phone waiting for their text, you’re only making yourself look desperate and clingy.

Also, if they’re being hot one day and cold the next, it’s highly likely that they’re just keeping you as a backup option.

3. Get it off your chest.

Talk to a friend or loved one that you trust about what you’re going through.

Research shows that “the act of confiding in someone else protects the body against damaging internal stresses”, according to psychologist Dr. James Pennebaker.

When you bottle your feelings up, it may become unhealthy for your mental well being, but confiding in someone else with your struggles can bring you a huge sense of relief.

A friend may also offer a different perspective to help you analyse your situation more clearly.

4. Write it out.

When you pen your thoughts down, you’ll start to realize things you never did about yourself.

Why do you even like this person so much? Are there superficial reasons involved? Are you just falling for someone because you can’t stand being alone?

Writing helps you to understand yourself and make better decisions moving forward. Find yourself a nice notebook and pen, and jot down your feelings and thoughts throughout the day if it helps.

5. E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E.

It’s already scientifically proven that exercising makes you happy through the production of endorphins.

For starters, do jumping jacks or take a slow jog in a beautiful park. Keep those endorphins coming, and feel better about your body at the same time.

Taking care of your health and fitness is part of loving yourself, and there’s no better cure for getting over a crush than some good ol’ self love.

6. Understand your worth.

We all deserve to be with someone who wants to be with us just as much as we want to be with them.

If you find yourself constantly pining after people who don’t reciprocate the same feelings, it’s likely that you need to work on loving yourself.

The more you understand your worth, the less likely you’ll fall for people who don’t actually pay as much attention to you.

With the right partner, you should feel a sense of reassurance and emotional security that they want to be with you, even when they don’t explicitly express their love or feelings for you all the time.

Have some personal experience on how to get over a crush?

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