1. You’re skeptical about almost every couple you know.

When people share their relationship problems with you, your first immediate thought is:  “They’re going to break up sooner or later.”

You have a pessimistic and cynical view on relationships and believe that most couples are dysfunctional in some way or another.

2. You scoff at anyone who believes in love at first sight.

What did they fall in love with, each other’s superficiality? Get a brain. Besides, love at first sight only applies to you and food.

3. You’re sick and tired of dating apps.

Some of the people you met in dating apps seemed nice at first, but were ultimately just looking for hookups.

And most of them were either married or in serious relationships. Yay.

4. You don’t get surprised anymore when you hear about someone breaking up/cheating/getting a divorce.

At this point, you’ve been so desensitized by the countless horror stories about cheating and breakups around you that it doesn’t come as shocking news anymore.

And let’s not even get started on celebrity couples.

5. On the rare occasion that someone catches your interest, it takes you a loooong time to trust them (if you ever do).

Your walls are up 24/7. Most people bore you to bits, but when someone special comes along, you feel the need to guard your heart even more.

People normally reveal the weak and vulnerable parts of themselves after a few months at most, but it may take you years to show that side of yourself to someone else.

6. You find it hard to commit to anyone.

You’ve been betrayed and hurt in the past by someone you gave your heart to, so why would you risk feeling that way ever again?

This makes it extremely difficult and stressful for you to seriously commit to someone, for fear that history may repeat itself.

7. You can’t tolerate people asking you when you’re getting married or having children.

You have a theory that most people are blindly following social norms (instead of really questioning the concept of a lifelong commitment) when they decide to get married.

This is why it truly annoys you when these people ask you why you haven’t “settled down” yet.