We love empowering women around the world, but not exactly when it comes to encouraging certain…quirks in their personalities.

Here are the top 8 unattractive types of girls, according to guys.

1. The Basic B*tch

If she were caught in an earthquake, you can count on this chick to be filming live updates of herself instead of running for her life.

2. The Overly Sensitive

This one can’t take any form of criticism, even if you’re just trying to help. She probably keeps mental screenshots of your texts.

Everything you say will be held against you.

3. The Needy

She wants to see you everyday, which is sweet at first. Until you realize she has no social life and doesn’t know what personal space means.

4. The “I’m okay” but she’s really not

This one refuses to tell you the problem straight to your face.

Instead, she leaves you hanging with an “I’m okay” or “It’s fine…” text, clearly waiting for you to apologize for God knows what reason.

5. The Jealous Lover

She gets jealous of every girl you’re friends with, even when you try to explain that it’s been totally platonic from the start (because you’re a normal guy who actually has a social life).

You might think it’s cute at the start…until it gets reaaaal possessive.

6. The Princess

She assumes all men are born to serve her. And to carry her pink diamond studded Chanel handbag.

7. The Bossy

You can tell if a girl is bossy just by looking at her exes.

Were they henpecked to the ground? Did they give in to her all the time just so she wouldn’t get upset?

Don’t be her next target.

8. The Male-Hating Feminist

She hates all men with a burning passion because of one or two bad encounters. Her typical feed may consist of gym selfies with the hashtag #girlboss.

What’s your experience with unattractive personalities?

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