We’ve all met these guys. They seem to lack self-awareness, and most people don’t have the heart to tell them either. But who are we to change anyone? Love really is blind sometimes.

Here are the top 8 unattractive types of guys, according to girls.

1. The Engine Revver

Guess what increases exponentially with the loudness of this guy’s engine? That’s right – collective female disgust. Also, noise pollution.

2. The MCP

Women just love hearing about how they should just stay home and cook while the big, hunky men do alllll the hard work. Riveting.

3. The Humble Brag

Okay Nick, we don’t need to hear another inspirational story about your outstanding exam results or how your parents “raised you right” to become the HONEST GOOD MAN that you are today.

4. Mr. Stand-Up Comedy

It’s just awkward for us when you think you’re hilarious. We literally have to muster every ounce of energy to stop our eyeballs from rolling out of their sockets.

5. The Desperate

This poor guy reads too deeply into everything. He hangs out with a girl once (as friends) and suddenly starts falling head over heels for her.

When she doesn’t reply to his floods of texts, he gets “creative” and tags her in random social media posts to remind her of his existence.

Boy, you need to love yourself.

6. The One Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind About You

He just can’t seem to decide whether he likes you or that other girl better.

Dating this guy is setting yourself up for being cheated on. Run far, far away while you still can.

7. The Fuccboi

This sleazebag just won’t shut up about how he “tapped dat ass”. Can’t wait to see the results of that STD test.

8. The “Okay, you win”

This one’s a real smart alec. He deliberately gives in to everything you say because he thinks it’s pointless to argue with a girl who can’t understand his “supreme” way of thinking.

Okay Brad, you win.

What’s your experience with unattractive personalities?

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